Trauma Therapy Program in Colorado

PTSD and trauma can wreak havoc on anyone’s life and that of those around them. It can lead to addiction, other mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression, and affect your personal and professional life. However, AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins offers a trauma therapy program in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our trauma treatment and counseling will guide you back to overall well being. Learn more about our therapy options today and change your life for the better with AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins by your side.

When you have a traumatic experience, it may not hit you for some time. However, once it does, many people turn to drugs or alcohol for many reasons. Some use it as a distraction, while others use it as their own form of medication. No matter why you use the drugs or alcohol, it’s important to treat both the addiction and the trauma. By accepting the experience and learning positive coping mechanisms, you can make real change in your life.


What is a Trauma Therapy Program?

young woman struggling with her mental health and in need of a trauma therapy programOverall, trauma commonly stems from a horrifying or devastating experience in your past. Over time, you may begin to relive this experience in different ways. This trauma can have many negative effects on your overall mental health and life-at-large.

Without a proper trauma therapy program, the experience can haunt you throughout your life. This can provide a variety of issues, such as distancing yourself from others or developing addiction as a coping mechanism and self-medication.

With our trauma counseling and treatment, you can begin to learn more positive ways to cope with this devastating experience. First, you will learn that it’s normal to have these feelings. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Next, we will teach you coping skills that help you move forward in a positive manner.

Trauma affects thousands upon thousands of individuals. From those in the armed forces, to those who were subject to abuse or experienced a tragic event. You are not alone in this fight, and AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins will guide you into healing and overall wellness.


Begin Again With Trauma Treatment at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins

Along with our trauma counseling services, we also offer a wide range of other therapies. In fact, therapy can become the foundation to your rehab experience. This is a time for reflection, adjustments, connection, and more. Most individuals in rehab would say that therapy made the biggest impact on their ability to maintain sobriety. With our numerous therapeutic options, you can maintain sobriety as well. For example, these therapies include:

When you are ready to enter our trauma therapy program, reach out to our friendly staff. You can contact AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins at 866-957-6941 for more information about the insurance verification process. This will help you enter treatment without the worry of financial distress. We’ll work with your insurance provider to ensure you get the full advantage of your coverage in a timely manner.