Have you ever wondered why you made certain choices in your life, like to use drugs or alcohol, in the first place? Now that you face addiction each day and want lasting recovery, you must learn about these choices. You also need to know how to make the right decisions in the future, so you do not repeat negative patterns. Through a reality therapy program at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, you build a better life in which your basic needs remain met and you achieve goals for the life you want.

Your reality therapy program Fort Collins CO is one part of your life skills training program CO at AspenRidge Recovery. Reality therapy for addiction helps you meet your five basic needs, for love and belonging, survival, freedom, power and fun. You meet these needs through the choices you make. You must learn to make positive choices, to ensure you fulfill your needs and do not continue a pattern of damage to yourself and those you love.

Basics of a Reality Therapy Program

Realism, responsibility and right-and-wrong are the basic principles guiding your reality therapy program. Sticking to these guiding principles helps you make the right choices, so you behave in ways that benefit your life, instead of damaging it.

As part of your reality therapy program, you discuss ways of solving your problems. To do so with realism, you must face the facts and release unachievable dreams. Part of this is committing to face the reality of the world, what you can do and who you are right now. By looking at things realistically and behaving accordingly, you improve your interpersonal connections and life, in general.

Responsibility in reality therapy for addiction involves realizing you must understand where your responsibilities begin and end. You cannot change others’ behaviors, but you can change yours. You must own your choices and resulting consequences.

As part of right-and-wrong in your reality therapy program, you learn that meeting your own needs by making the right choices proves satisfying. You also realize how infringing on others’ rights does not help you, at all. In many ways, this aspect of reality therapy involves resetting your moral compass after addiction.

Does Reality Therapy Heal Addiction?

a patient reading about her reality therapy program

Your reality therapy program Fort Collins CO at AspenRidge Recovery is only one aspect of your treatment plan. No single therapy “cures” addiction. But you gain different levels of healing and recovery from each type of therapy.

For successful recovery, you need multiple levels of care and a mix of therapies in those programs. AspenRidge Recovery options for your programs and therapies include:

Another important aspect of rehab and recovery is aftercare. Through AspenRidge Recovery’s aftercare and alumni programs, you never feel alone in your journey into or through lifelong recovery. You gain access to sober living programs and other support you need after treatment ends.

Creating a Plan for Your Recovery

Your journey out of substance abuse differs from everyone else’s. You receive an individualized treatment plan after going through a free addiction assessment. This plan evolves and changes to meet your ongoing needs. It also plays a role in your insurance company’s coverage of your treatment.

The easiest way to know which levels of care suit your needs best is through a free addiction assessment and insurance verification. This process starts when you call AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, CO. By simply providing your insurance policy information to the caring counselor on the phone, you gain insight into your next steps, rehab costs and when your recovery begins.

Call AspenRidge Recovery now at 866.957.6941 to learn more about available programs, including your reality therapy program. Ask any questions you have about treatment in Fort Collins, CO and how it offers you a real chance for long term recovery. By doing so, you free yourself from concerns about entering drug addiction treatment and ready yourself for your new life to begin. So contact AspenRidge Recovery now, before it is too late.