An individual therapy program is a treatment intervention that involves one-on-one individual counseling meant to treat drug addiction or mental health disorders. It requires a trained therapist and a patient, where the patient shares his or her experiences. In these sessions, the therapist offers guidance on how to overcome challenging emotions and negative behaviors.

An individual therapy program – or group therapy program – uses evidence-based addiction therapies to treat substance abuse and any underlying conditions. Therapists begin by assessing the addiction and whether there is the existence of any co-occurring disorders. After this assessment, they develop a practical treatment approach to help the patient in recovery.

Signs You Need an Individual Therapy Program 

man contemplates during individual therapy program for addictionPatients who require individual therapy for addiction and individualized treatment show signs such as:

  • Addiction to alcohol or drugs
  • Experience distractions and excessive worry
  • Change in mood despite care shown by family and friends
  • Engage in risky behaviors and have problems with the law
  • Experience poor concentration when doing work or school assignments
  • Exhibit aggressive behavior towards self and others

These signs show that a person is having emotional feelings and challenges that require the attention of individualized treatment with a qualified therapist. An addiction to alcohol or drugs requires treatment, as does a gambling or internet addiction.

Eating disorders and other behavioral issues can be helped with one-on-one care. Furthermore, they could be as a result of mental health disorder such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Additionally, an individual therapy program or a group therapy program can enhance intrapersonal and interpersonal relationship abilities. This helps you relate to others who might also be experiencing similar conditions. Therapy can help with emotions that develop as a result of life events such as a divorce or the death of a loved one.

As part of an addiction therapy program, individual and group sessions complement each other and are beneficial in helping the patient to recover from substance addiction or overcome traumatic experiences in his/her life.

Benefits of an Individual Therapy Program

Treatment at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins has several benefits, such as:

  • We offer privacy and confidentiality during your individualized treatment
  • You can focus on the specific condition bothering you with the help of a personal therapist
  • An objective, non-judgmental viewpoint of your situation is analyzed so a solution can be found
  • You get an opportunity to interact one-on-one with a private counselor to help you overcome your addiction
  • All the sessions offered during our treatment program are flexible and convenient as you get to schedule your treatment with the counselor
  • You can build trust with our therapists and develop a healthy relationship enabling you to overcome faster

Find Help for Your Addiction

At AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, our therapist provides positive support while you undergo individualized treatment to overcome trauma or addiction. It enables you to achieve long-term healing and achieve your recovery goal. You are not only empowered to stay sober, but you can begin creating a life beyond your wildest dreams.

An individual therapy program at our treatment center could include:

We help you by discussing your issues with our therapists who you can feel comfortable with to ensure that you get the individualized treatment that you deserve. Our therapists help you share your experiences without judgment and help you to develop coping skills to achieve recovery.

At AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, we also assist you with the insurance process and ensure you get a comfortable experience. Contact us today at (866) 957-6941 for an excellent individual therapy program.