Each individual facing addiction problems experiences at least a little fear about their recovery process. For some, this fear centers on detox or specific types of treatment. For others, group therapy causes anxiety. But learning to open yourself up to others in an addiction recovery group therapy program enriches your life in many ways you might never expect.

What is an Addiction Recovery Group Therapy Program?Overall addiction recovery group therapy program in Fort Collins CO

An addiction recovery group therapy program includes a variety of group therapies designed for your specific needs. These therapies involve meeting with a group of your peers in treatment or recovery for sessions led by a licensed therapist or another counselor. Group counseling sessions form only one part of a quality addiction therapy program, alongside individual counseling and other evidence-based methods.

Group therapy does not limit you to sitting in a room with others, sharing feelings. Sure, this type of session takes place frequently as part of addiction treatment. It serves very clear purposes and helps you gain the support and insight you need about yourself and others.

Instead, a well-developed addiction recovery group therapy program includes multiple methods. These methods sometimes involve outdoor activities or recreation. Others focus on learning about your addiction or mental health problems. Still, others help you learn new skills, such as coping and life skills.

Family therapy is another type of group counseling. This therapy takes place among your loved ones or home support system. Sometimes friends and coworkers participate in family therapy, depending on your personal preferences and relationships. In these sessions, your therapist focuses on helping the family communicate better and grow in positive ways to heal from addiction and prevent future substance abuse problems.

Will Group Therapy Work for Me?

Your addiction recovery group therapy program in Fort Collins CO meets your individual needs as part of your treatment plan. So you gain value from each session you attend, even though many sessions feel more fun and social than you expect.

Of course, not all sessions prove “fun.” Because you sometimes focus on difficult topics, some growth feels uncomfortable. But these growing pains bring some of your greatest life changes.

In addiction, you suffer isolation and many communication problems. You lost self-esteem and suffered a range of symptoms, possibly including mental health problems like anxiety or depression. Group therapy treats all of these problems and helps you relearn how to build relationships, socialize, enjoy sober activities and communicate with others. At the same time, you build confidence in yourself and learn about your personal talents, skills, and attributes.

Going through drug or alcohol treatment is never easy. But with the relationships you build in group therapy, you gain a lasting support system. This support continues after you leave rehab and start your life in recovery at home. You benefit from providing support to others in your group, at the same time.

Your first session for addiction recovery group in Fort Collins CO feels scary. That is perfectly normal when you enter a group therapy program. But soon, you find yourself looking forward to the group during rehab and even missing it after treatment ends.

Finding the Therapies You Need in Fort Collins

For your best addiction recovery, AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins provides a range of programs and therapies. These methods and practices include:

  • IOP and PHP programs
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Aftercare and sober housing
  • Individual counseling and group therapy

If you or someone you love suffer addiction to drugs or alcohol, contact AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins now at 8669576941 for insurance verification and information about available programs. Your life changes in this treatment, especially in your addiction recovery group therapy program.