Addiction rehab at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins includes dual diagnosis care, such as for depression or other mental health problems. So do you need a depression treatment program along with your addiction treatment? What does having depression mean? Can you gain strong, lasting sobriety with depression or other mental disorders?

How Depression Relates to AddictionDepression Treatment Program and overall Depression Therapy

Millions of Americans suffer from depression and live in the mental health problem’s untreated effects every day. For some, drugs or alcohol provide an escape from these effects, if only for just moments. But self-medication of your depression also leads to addiction. If you suffer addiction, depression possibly led you to this point.

Depression is actually a serious mental health problem. Moreover, it keeps you from enjoying a healthy, happy and stable life. It even affects your loved ones, keeping them from living their best life, too. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 10 percent of people in the U.S. suffer clinical depression overall.

Also according to the CDC, people most commonly affected by depression include:

  • People aged 45 to 64
  • Females of any age
  • African Americans and Hispanics
  • Unemployed people or those unable to work
  • People without health insurance

If you find yourself self-medicating your depression or you suffer addiction and suspect it roots in depression, contact AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins for help. Through AspenRidge Recovery’s depression treatment program, you can enjoy a healthier, happier life. In this treatment, you gain recovery from both your addiction and your mental health problem. Without the help of a depression rehab program, the cycle of depression and self-medication only continues in a downward spiral of addiction.

Addiction and Depression Treatment Program

An addiction and depression rehab program is dual diagnosis treatment. Furthermore, this type of rehab treatment starts with a clear diagnosis of your depression and addiction. Sometimes it takes time to diagnose the mental health problem in rehab. Many people must first go through detox, before revealing the depression under the drug’s effects.

Once you gain your depression diagnosis, your individual treatment plan develops around dual diagnosis treatment. Your plan includes an array of addiction and depression therapy methods. These addiction recovery and mental health therapy programs include:

Your individualized treatment plan evolves as you do in your rehab treatment. At the same time, your mental health care possibly requires medication for depression. But through quality therapies and learning about your needs, you can build strong, lasting recovery. This recovery includes clear understanding of your depression and how to avoid relapse in the future.

Colorado Addiction and Depression Rehab Program

One of your biggest needs for recovery is finding the addiction and depression treatment program best suited to your individual needs. Therefore, you need a program that inspires you to engage in treatment, learn what you need to know and practice those skills every day.

AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins provides the dual diagnosis and depression treatment program you need in the beautiful mountain scenery of Colorado. To learn more about what makes this treatment unique for your best recovery, contact AspenRidge Recovery today at 866-957-6941. Remember to ask about insurance verification and get the answers you need to start looking forward to your new, better life ahead after treatment.