When you need help for addiction, this help includes an array of therapies. By going through a mix of methods and approaches, you gain multi-dimensional healing and a better chance for lasting recovery. You also find methods that work best for you, as an individual. So when seeking a quality rehab program, ensure that they provide the best methods for strong recovery, such as a cognitive behavioral therapy program.

What is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program?Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program and CBT benefits

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a specific type of therapy used since the late 1980s for a variety of mental health and substance use disorders. CBT helps people heal from depression, anxiety, relationship problems, eating disorders, substance abuse, and other mental problems. In fact, this therapy is one of the most effective methods in healing from these conditions.

Over the years, cognitive behavioral therapy has evolved. Today, the method forms the foundation of other approaches, as much as therapists use it on its own. What makes CBT so important in your drug or alcohol addiction treatment is the evidence supporting how it works.

The basic views of cognitive behavioral therapy include the belief that unhealthy ways of thinking help form mental health problems. The same is true of learned, negative patterns of behavior, that also contribute to mental health issues. So in your cognitive behavioral therapy program, you learn how to form healthier thoughts and behaviors. This helps relieve your mental health problems and sustain your addiction recovery.

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you see how your distorted thoughts create problems in your life. At the same time, you gain an understanding of others’ behaviors and motivations. You learn coping and problem solving skills to work through tough situations. Building self-confidence is also important, as you bring real change into your life.

All of these methods involve facing your fears instead of avoiding them, preparing to handle conflict with others well, calming your mind and relaxing your body.

Further Therapy Services

Of course, lasting recovery does not come from one method of therapy alone. You also need a mix of other approaches as part of your cognitive behavioral therapy program. At AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, Colorado, this therapy mix includes:

Dual diagnosis treatment is important to your recovery because a large percentage of people living in addiction also suffer mental health problems like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders or trauma. In fact, half of all people who abuse drugs or alcohol suffer trauma. The reverse is also true, with half of all people suffering trauma turning to drugs or alcohol for self-medication.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Colorado

In Fort Collins, Colorado, AspenRidge Recovery provides the dual diagnosis treatment you need in a home-like environment designed specifically for men’s rehab and women’s rehab programs. In the beautiful mountain scenery of Colorado, you gain the therapies and treatments you need for lasting recovery. Among these treatments is your cognitive behavioral therapy program. Contact AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins now at 866-957-6941 for insurance verification and to learn more about available programs.