Therapy Services in Fort Collins CO

What are the main benefits of our therapy services in Fort Collins CO? Specifically, therapeutic intervention can be the foundation for your lifelong recovery. Learn more about our counseling center today and find your path to recovery at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins.


What Therapy Services in Fort Collins CO Do We Offer?

client and therapist discussing therapy services in Fort Collins COEach and every facility offers different therapies for their clients. At AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, we do our best to provide a wide range of modalities to cover any addiction and mental health issue. For example, our therapy services in Fort Collins CO include:


With neurofeedback therapy, we can give you real-time information about your brain function. This can help us notice certain behaviors and emotions and why they happen in your life. Next, we can begin to teach you more positive ways of coping with these emotions. Overall, this gives you the ability to self-regulate your brain function in real time.

Over time, therapy can teach you more about your addiction, how it all began, and what it takes to move forward. Addiction is a disease that has an endless stream of causes. In fact, addiction and substance abuse can be a result of past trauma, social circles, relationships, mental illness, environment, and more.


What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Our Counseling Center?

In some cases, addiction and mental illness can go hand-in-hand. An addiction can lead to a mental illness, while a mental illness can spur on an addiction as a way of coping. With our dual diagnosis treatment, we can treat both the addiction and mental disorder simultaneously. This gives you a great chance at recovery without any fears of relapse in the future.

At AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, we can ensure your safety, along with our commitment to you as you begin your journey away from substance abuse and mental illness. Our team understands how trying this time can be in your life, but we’ll be there every step of the way.

Overall, a setback doesn’t define your success in rehab. Making adjustments and minor improvements can make a major impact. As each day passes, you will begin to recognize the major steps forwards. Each week you will meet with your counselor to not only reflect on the journey so far, but prepare for what’s next.


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Contact AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins today at 866-957-6941 for more information about insurance verification and the intake process. With our therapy services in Fort Collins CO, you can begin healing and maintain your recovery into the future. Join us today at our counseling center and take the first step to sobriety and overall wellness.