Deciding to enter a drug rehab center in Fort Collins, Colorado isn’t an easy choice. However, it can be a life-changing decision for yourself or a loved one. At AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, our compassionate professionals take every step to ensure the rehab admissions process is as easy as possible. Learn what to expect on your initial steps to recovery.

The Rehab Admissions Process Begins with Dedicating to Change

The path to life-long sobriety begins with a choice. If you or your loved one’s addiction has spiraled out of control, admitting that you need help is the first step to change. Once you decide that you no longer want addiction to control your life, we will be there to guide you to lasting recovery.

Verifying Your Insurance

For many people seeking recovery, finances can often be a roadblock. Out-of-pocket costs can stop many prospective clients from even starting to the rehab admissions process. Sadly, many people aren’t aware that health insurance can cover addiction treatment programs.

Fortunately, current healthcare legislation requires insurance providers to cover at least a portion of your addiction treatment. AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins works with numerous national insurance providers to ensure individuals get the most coverage possible. Our admissions specialists make the insurance verification process as easy as possible.

What to Expect During the Rest of the Rehab Admissions Process

Upon intake, our admissions specialists will ask questions about your personal, family, and medical history in order to find the right addiction treatment programs for your needs. For individuals at the beginning of their recovery, AspenRidge Recovery recommends starting with our drug or alcohol detox programs in Lakewood, CO. Once you’ve safely gone through the withdrawal process, you’ll have a stable foundation for recovery.

For those who have been struggling with addiction long-term, our partial hospitalization program (PHP) is an ideal step following detox. While it’s similar to an inpatient program in terms of intensive addiction therapy programs and high-quality care, individuals still return home nightly following treatment.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) generally serves as a step down following our PHP. Clients still receive access to individual and group therapy. The only difference is the sessions are shorter and less frequent, allowing more flexibility to deal with daily life.

Sober Housing and Extended Care Options

Upon completing the rehab experience, many clients find it difficult to transition from treatment back into their everyday lives. For this reason, AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins also offers sober living and extended care options. We offer numerous activities and stable living environments designed to help you have fun and learn valuable life skills.

Take the First Steps to Lasting Recovery

At AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, we make the rehab admissions process as easy as possible so that you can focus solely on your recovery. If you’re ready to take the first steps to change, call AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins today at (866) 957-6941.