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How to tell if you have a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder

A co-occurring disorder is a situation in which one simultaneously suffers from addiction and a mental health ailment at the same time. In many situations, those who suffer from a mental health disorder have also turned to substance use or abuse as a method of coping. Previously referred to as dual diagnoses, co-occurring disorders occur…

the latest research on addiction

What the Latest Research Reveals About Successfully Treating Addiction

Addiction research has really picked up over the last few years, partially in response to the surge in opioid addictions. But what have we learned from all of this research regarding how to successfully treat addiction? We going to look at five recent research findings and explore what they reveal about the future of addiction…

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How to Successfully Use Outpatient Programs In Fort Collins as a Step Down From Primary Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment in Fort Collins is a difficult thing to navigate, no matter where you are. It’s tough enough just overcoming your denial of the problem in the first place. The transition into treatment, the withdrawals, and finding ways to fill your time that don’t involve drugs, these are all important, difficult parts of…

steps to take when finding help for addiction in Colorado

Steps to Take When Finding Help for Addiction in Colorado

When we talk about overcoming addiction, we often talk about taking the “first step.” It’s become so ubiquitous now, it’s almost cliché: “The first step is admitting you have a problem.” That all-important first step is crucial to your recovery, because it’s the one that starts you actually looking for recovery. Denial is a common…

seven signs addiction is a big problem

Seven Signs Addiction is a BIG Problem in Your Life

What is Addiction? Addiction is a physical and psychological dependence on a substance despite its negative effects. It is a chronic disease affecting the brain’s memory and risk/reward functions. Substance addiction is when a person is addicted to either one or a combination of the following: Nicotine Alcohol Medication Inhalants such as aerosols and vapors…

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What Recent Stats in Fort Collins, CO Reveal About Addiction and Recovery

The World Health Organization has identified addiction as an international health epidemic. Substance abuse trends in Fort Collins, Colorado reveal the city of 161,000 is no exception. Drug abuse and alcohol addiction are very real problems in Fort Collins. Although there are a number of drug and alcohol addiction resources in Fort Collins, CO; substance…

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IOP in Colorado – The Unique Drug Treatment Option You Should Know About

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) is available in Colorado as a unique drug treatment option. Many people avoid getting help for a drug or alcohol problem because they mistakenly believe their only option is to check themselves into a residential treatment facility. This is not the case. IOP in Colorado offers effective treatment for people who have…