signs of drug and alcohol abuse with college students

Ten Signs of Drug or Alcohol Abuse in College Students

During the college years, there’s a good possibility that students will turn to the party scene as part of their experience. College students may start to abuse drugs or alcohol as they have little experience with their side effects. This can eventually turn into addiction. Statistics show that four out of five college students drink…

college campuses that have substance abuse resources for students

7 College Campuses in Colorado That Have Great Substance Abuse Resources for Students

Substance abuse is an increasing problem on college campuses. According to a study on Drug and Alcohol Use in College-Age Adults in 2015, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) found that 31.9% of college students participated in binge drinking within the past two weeks. “Daily marijuana use has steadily increased among college students in…

all anonymous groups explained in rehab

NA vs AA vs PA – All “Anonymous” Groups Explained

Today, many anonymous groups exist to help people recover from their addiction. The 12-step anonymous tradition all started with Alcoholics Anonymous – or AA. The 12 steps were originally called the “12 Traditions,” and they were written by the founders of AA. All anonymous groups use this 23-step model with minor changes depending on the group.…

who are children of alcoholics

What It Means to be Adult Children of Alcoholics

Being the child of an alcoholic is both difficult and chaotic. There may have been domestic violence, emotional abuse or neglect. At its best, childhood may have been unpredictable. The trauma of childhood is extremely impactful and has an effect on adulthood. As adults, many seek help as they find themselves having difficulty with relationships,…

a documentary on prescription thugs.

Prescription Thugs Documentary Pulls Back the Curtain on Prescription Medication Addiction

Prescription Thugs, a new documentary from director Chris Bell, aims to tackle the source of one of our nation’s fastest growing addictions—prescription medications. Covering every aspect of this complicated issue, from personal anecdotes from friends and celebrities to the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry and a broken legislature, Prescription Thugs is a highly relevant exposé…

the heroin and opioid overdose deaths statistics

Colorado Heroin and Opioid Overdose Deaths Quadruple Since 2002

Mirroring the rise of the national opioid epidemic, Colorado has seen an enormous increase in opioid-related overdose deaths in the less than two decades. This article takes a look at just how bad the opioid problem has gotten in Colorado as well as what characteristics of opioids in particular make it such a dangerous and…

information on dual diagnosis treatment

How to tell if you have a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder

A co-occurring disorder is a situation in which one simultaneously suffers from addiction and a mental health ailment at the same time. In many situations, those who suffer from a mental health disorder have also turned to substance use or abuse as a method of coping. Previously referred to as dual diagnoses, co-occurring disorders occur…

the latest research on addiction

What the Latest Research Reveals About Successfully Treating Addiction

Addiction research has really picked up over the last few years, partially in response to the surge in opioid addictions. But what have we learned from all of this research regarding how to successfully treat addiction? We going to look at five recent research findings and explore what they reveal about the future of addiction…

outpatient addiction treatment resources

How to Successfully Use Outpatient Programs In Fort Collins as a Step Down From Primary Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment in Fort Collins is a difficult thing to navigate, no matter where you are. It’s tough enough just overcoming your denial of the problem in the first place. The transition into treatment, the withdrawals, and finding ways to fill your time that don’t involve drugs, these are all important, difficult parts of…