what is opioid replacement therapy

Suboxone, Methadone and Vivitrol: Let’s Review and Compare 3 Opioid Replacement Therapies

Suboxone, methadone and Vivitrol are popular medications often used to treat opioid addictions, and are often used in opioid replacement therapies (ORT). An addiction occurs when a person develops a psychological or physical dependence. Once this happens, the body goes through withdrawal whenever the drug is not in the system. If you’re looking to get…

find the right length of stay in addiction treatment

Length of Stay in Addiction Treatment: Why it is a VERY Important Factor in Success

Addiction is a chronic disease that leads to frequent relapse, leaving a person feeling enslaved to alcohol or drugs. Over 20 million Americans feel compulsive cravings for drugs or alcohol. Of those, about 2 million are opiate addicts. So how can a longer length of stay in addiction treatment benefit those struggling with addiction? People…

what can aid in opioid withdrawals

About The Bridge (NSS-2 Bridge): A “Shocking” New Device Approved to Aid in Opioid Withdrawals

The Bridge (NSS-2 Bridge) appears small but has huge potential for helping fight the opioid crisis in America. The NSS-2 Bridge is an innovative device recently approved by the FDA to aid in opioid withdrawal pain. It is appears not much different than a hearing aid behind the ear with some extra wires that connect…

what is seasonal affective disorder

It’s a SAD Time of Year in Colorado: Seasonal Affective Disorder and How to Cope

Despite what the Christmas carols say, winter in Colorado is not always a joyous occasion. Snow often does not stick, and Colorado residents are instead left with the less desirable aspects of winter: dark clouds, rain and overcast mornings. The weather can have a profound impact on mental health. In fact, over the past few…

specialized care for women in recovery

Why Our 90-Day Women’s Addiction Treatment Program Is So Effective

AspenRidge North Drug Rehab And Treatment Center Now Offers Specialized Care For Women Located in the picturesque setting of Fort Collins, Colorado; AspenRidge North offers people seeking recovery with the tools they need to live successful and sober lives while utilizing the latest evidence-based therapeutic methods in a safe, accountable community setting. Now, the premier…