phenibut side effects and dangers

Is a Phenibut Ban Coming to America?

Phenibut is a highly addictive “supplement” in today’s ever-changing legal brain enhancement market. If you follow the nootropic craze on the internet, you’ll notice a massive trend to openly experiment with yourself. Each of these supplements supposedly increases ‘good’ brain activity and shuts off the ‘bad.’ Is a Phenibut Ban Coming to America? Coaches, athletes,…

what recent evidence tells us about treating opioid addiction

What Does Recent Evidence Tell Us About Treating Opioid Addiction?

Recent studies have produced new evidence about opioid addiction treatment. The opioid crisis continues to ravage the country. As a result, the need for better opioid addiction treatment is more important every day. After all, ineffective treatment options fail to solve the problem. Therefore, they waste resources in the fight against drug addiction. However, the…

drugs that dont mix with antidepressants

4 Drugs that Don’t Mix with Antidepressants

Antidepressants like citalopram and sertraline can help people overcome depression. At the same time, they can have adverse reactions when mixed with other drugs. People who are prescribed medication for depression should be careful about which other substances they combine with their meds. 4 Drugs that Don’t Mix with Antidepressants When your doctor prescribes you…