AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins Alumni Support

group of women sit together drinking coffee through a rehab alumni program The AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins Rehab Alumni Program establishes a social support network of recovering people while providing structure to help sustain your sobriety.

Our Alumni program is an imperative step after treatment that helps you learn how to live in your newfound recovery. We offer an ever-growing alumni network with many opportunities for support, camaraderie and sober fun.

Belonging to a community of people in recovery makes it easier to maintain your sobriety. Statistics show that being a part of an alumni program after treatment significantly increases your chances of holding onto that sobriety. Volunteering, learning and socializing with fellow alumni and current clients is a crucial part of life after treatment. AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins alumni give back to the community, and find a sense of purpose with helping those new in recovery. Feeling like you’re not alone and knowing you have peers that understand what you’re experiencing is also essential when maintaining your sobriety. While friends and family are crucial to your support system, peers who have gone through treatment have a better understanding of your experience.

AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins has a dedicated alumni coordinator who is driven to help you stay focused on your recovery while passionate about having lots of fun. Contact us to learn more about our events, activities, and programs.

  • Monthly Alumni BBQ’s/Dinners
  • Monthly events such as hiking trips & campouts
  • Holiday support with additional outreach efforts and events.
  • Weekly Alumni AA meeting
  • Volunteer programs that connect alumni with current clients, and local non-profits for the opportunity to give back.
  • Personal follow-up support
  • Private social media support groups
  • Alumni panels that give the alumni the opportunity to share their story with current clients.
  • 24 hour alumni support line

Help Before Your Rehab Alumni Program

Before you can begin participating in our rehab alumni program, you must complete treatment first. We are proud to provide a variety of treatment options for our clients to help them achieve their goals of sobriety. Multiple levels of care will help provide the foundation you need to reach and maintain long-lasting recovery.

Overall, treatment is the basis for which you can build upon lifelong recovery. Once you learn relapse prevention and coping mechanisms, you can return to daily life in sobriety. No matter what comes next, our aftercare services will be available to help you along the way. Before benefitting from our alumni program, learn about the benefits of these programs:

To learn about your options and begin treatment, contact AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins today. Call now at (866) 957-6941 to begin our insurance verification and admissions process.