When you seek help for drug or alcohol addiction at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, you also need psychiatric evaluation. This evaluation is not a personal judgment. Instead, it helps you understand why you started abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. For many people, it answers many deep questions and provides a pathway to strong, lasting recovery.

What is Psychiatric Evaluation?Psychiatric Evaluation and psychiatric assessment.

A psychiatric evaluation at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins includes psychological testing and assessment, along with other testing methods. Much of the assessment involves talking with your care providers and helping them understand your needs. You also undergo lab testing, to determine if some of your struggles relate to physical health problems, chemical imbalances or other concerns.

Psychiatric evaluation plays such a big role in addiction treatment because so many people start abusing drugs or alcohol to self-medicate mental health problems. These problems include issues like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders and trauma. In fact, trauma is one of the most common pathways to substance abuse. About half of people who suffer trauma abuse drugs or alcohol to ease their anguish, just as about half of the people in rehab treatment have also experienced trauma in their past.

Evaluation often leads to a second diagnosis in your addiction, that of a mental health problem. If you gain such a diagnosis, treatment for that co-occurring condition takes place through dual diagnosis care. AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins provides dual diagnosis treatment and trauma therapy, along with a range of other therapies to meet your needs.

Important Therapies of Addiction Treatment

Psychological testing and assessment is only one part of your mental health treatment in addiction rehab. At AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, psychiatric assessment is only the first step in your dual diagnosis treatment. The next step is treatment of your mental health problem along with your addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment includes:

All of this treatment takes place in your men’s rehab program or women’s rehab program in Fort Collins, at the AspenRidge Recovery dual diagnosis treatment center. Once you complete your intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization program, you return to your home community to start your life in recovery. But you do not return home alone. Instead, you benefit from sober living and gain the support of people in your local area through aftercare.

Rebuilding Your Life through Addiction and Psychiatric Treatment

Psychiatric care and addiction rehab treatment go hand-in-hand, just like your mental wellness and physical wellness closely relate to each other. In Fort Collins, Colorado, people suffering from addiction gain strong, lasting recovery through treatment addressing both mental and physical health needs. This dual diagnosis care helps you overcome your trauma and other mental health struggles. Therefore, you do not repeat your pattern of substance abuse in self-medication.

Getting this important help starts with a simple phone call to AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins. When you call, have your insurance policy card in hand for immediate insurance verification. By verifying your benefits, you learn how your policy supports your recovery. This gives you the means to get the complete treatment you need for a better life.

You can gain the lasting recovery you want, in good mental and physical health. Psychiatric evaluation in rehab helps make this healthy recovery possible. Contact AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins now at 866-957-6941 now and start preparing for your new life.