Addiction to heroin, opioid medications or alcohol feels like a one-way street to misery that never ends. But you can achieve lasting recovery from substance abuse and addiction. You just need help getting there, to start fresh with new coping tools. A naltrexone therapy program in Fort Collins CO helps you achieve early sobriety and focus on rehab, so you can live a brighter future.

Naltrexone Therapy Program in Fort Collins CONaltrexone shot and naltrexone treatment in our naltrexone therapy program

A naltrexone therapy program in Fort Collins CO uses naltrexone to treat your opioid or alcohol dependence. Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist, a medication that blocks your high, even if you relapse. It also helps you avoid relapse by reducing your cravings. These benefits help you focus on your rehab program treatment, so you can learn coping skills for dealing with your addiction.

Doctors provide naltrexone as part of your naltrexone therapy program in Fort Collins CO. You take a daily pill or monthly naltrexone shot in detox and rehab. As long as you stick to your program, you do not feel motivated to keep abusing your substances. After all, what is the point of doing so, if you cannot get high?

Brand names for the naltrexone shot and pill include ReVia, Depade, and Vivitrol. Some rehab programs provide this naltrexone treatment or suboxone treatment as part of medication-assisted treatment, MAT. But MAT never works alone, for long term recovery. Instead, you also need behavioral therapies, coping skills education and other types of treatment.

As part of the naltrexone therapy program, you enjoy greater stability in rehab. This helps you better focus on your treatment and what counts most for your better future. Because of the naltrexone, you take away your motivation for using your drugs or drinking and reduce your cravings at the same time. You also relieve much of your post-detox withdrawal discomfort without risk of creating a new addiction when you receive this medication from a licensed rehab facility.

You Need Rehab Treatment with Your Naltrexone Therapy

Naltrexone alone never actually treats addiction. For real hope for a better life without substance abuse and addiction, you need an array of rehab therapies. In therapy, you learn many things. These points include why you fell into addiction in the first place, how to avoid relapse and how to deal with everyday stress in healthy ways.

Helpful therapies of rehab include:

Naltrexone therapy takes place in licensed rehab treatment programs. Finding the right treatment for your own needs starts with an addiction assessment. After this assessment, you gain an individualized treatment plan. You also understand what level of care offers the best chance for your own long term recovery.

Recovery Begins in Beautiful Fort Collins, CO

Your recovery starts in Fort Collins, Colorado with naltrexone therapy at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins. Among your peers in recovery, you learn about your addiction and how it changed your world. You also build coping skills and life skills to prevent relapse and build a brighter future. If you suffered past trauma that led to your addiction, you can put those negative experiences and your substance abuse behind you.

For a naltrexone therapy program in Fort Collins CO and a real chance at a better life, call AspenRidge Recovery now at 8669576941. You can enjoy better days ahead.