Mental Health Therapy Programs in Fort Collins CO

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression in your life? Possibly facing bipolar disorder or another mental illness? If so, our mental health therapy programs in Fort Collins CO can help you overcome with professional support and guidance. Learn more about our mental health counseling and treatment today.


What Do Mental Health Therapy Programs in Fort Collins CO Provide?

From individual counseling to group sessions, our mental health treatment options will give a variety of therapeutic modalities. It’s important to have a wide range of mental health therapy programs to ensure we discover the true causes of your problem. Therefore, we can begin to address these root causes and replace them with more positive behaviors and actions.

For example, we offer mental health counseling services such as:

couple discussing mental health therapy programs in Fort Collins CO with their therapist If you are also struggling with an addiction, we can provide dual diagnosis care. In fact, our mental health therapy programs many bring to the light the presence of an addiction that is directly influenced by your mental illness. With dual diagnosis treatment, we can treat both problems simultaneously as they directly relate to one another.

This can go a long way in the success or failure of your treatment. Moreover, you are more likely to struggle once you return home if you are not equipped with proper relapse prevention techniques and coping skills. You will learn these invaluable skills during our mental health therapy programs in Fort Collins CO.


Mental Health Counseling Techniques

Mental health counseling will originally begin in an individual, one-on-one setting. This gives you a chance to build a connection with your counselor, learning more about each other, your experiences, and history. Overall, we can develop a custom, unique approach to your treatment by gaining an understanding of your history in counseling. This is why an original assessment is so important to the structure of your rehab.

Next, the counselor will dive deeper into your mental illness to get a better understanding of your specific circumstances. This will help them create a custom program that covers and addresses these issues. With personalized mental health therapy programs in Fort Collins CO, you can truly find serenity and overall wellness on your terms.


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Is your mental illness becoming a hindrance on your everyday life? Are you struggling to find balance in your personal and professional life? If so, learn more about the mental health therapy programs we offer in Fort Collins CO. For more information, contact AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins and our professional staff today at 866-957-6941. We look forward to helping you through insurance verification and the admission process into our mental health treatment programs.