When you seek an end to your drug or alcohol addiction, you have many options for your treatment. Among these options is a holistic rehab center in Fort Collins CO. At AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, you gain the multiple levels of care, evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches you need for complete, lasting sobriety. So what is this holistic treatment and what does it include?

What is a Holistic Rehab Center in Fort Collins CO?Holistic rehab center in fort Collins CO and holistic recovery

A holistic rehab center in Fort Collins CO uses specific types of therapy and approaches to help you end your drug or alcohol abuse. Moreover, these methods combine with other approaches for a complete, individualized treatment plan.

A holistic rehabilitation center teaches you how to keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy. In holistic recovery, you focus on healing these parts of yourself for whole-person healing and to stop using drugs or alcohol as an escape or in self-medication.

Holistic recovery is not an alternative to evidence-based treatment at AspenRidge Recovery in Fort Collins. Instead, AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins uses holistic methods along with key therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Through counseling, life skills training and support, you gain a solid mix of methods for healthy, lasting recovery.

Holistic approaches to recovery include mindfulness, meditation, physical fitness, nutrition, and other methods. You learn ways to maintain your best mental, physical and spiritual wellness in rehab. Then you choose which methods you adopt in your daily life in recovery, to avoid relapse.

The environment of your holistic rehab center in Fort Collins CO also provides healing. Comfortable surroundings, beautiful mountain scenery around AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins and friendly atmosphere help you achieve healing in peace and tranquility.

Benefits of Holistic Rehab for Addiction

A holistic rehabilitation center provides many benefits. High among these is your sense of peace during rehab that helps you build peace and stability in your home life after rehab.

Specifically, other benefits of holistic rehab include:

  • Healthy nutrition
  • Physical activities such as hiking, fitness and outdoor sports
  • Meditation therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Art or music therapy

All you need to gain these benefits in Colorado drug rehab center is to maintain the desire to learn new things, try new ways of living daily life and work to achieve sobriety. In fact, through this healthy attitude, you open many doors for better health and healing for the long term.

Holistic Methods in Colorado Rehab Treatment

In Fort Collins, Colorado, AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins gives you an array of approaches that include both holistic methods and talk therapies. These methods take place in the beautiful mountain scenery of Colorado, with its crisp, clean air. You also benefit from the home-like, friendly atmosphere of AspenRidge Recovery’s men’s programs and women’s programs in Fort Collins.

For example, programs at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins include:

One of the biggest steps to your new life takes place through a call to AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins. Simply make this call with your insurance card in hand, to gain insurance verification and learn more about rehab programs. Through this holistic rehab center in Fort Collins CO, you can gain the lasting recovery you seek, for the life you truly deserve. Contact AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins now at 866-957-6941.