How a Drug Detox Center Works With AspenRidge

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Drug and Alcohol Detox in Fort Collins

Drug detox center in Fort Collins CO for drugs and alcoholDrug addiction rehab is an important first step towards overcoming addiction, but there’s another important step that sometimes gets overlooked – detoxification. In fact, experts believe that going to a drug detox center may be the single most important decision you could make when you come to terms with the fact that you need help for your addiction.

Addiction detox is about ridding you of the chemical impulses that demand more and more substances. Because once addiction gets to a certain point, it isn’t a choice – it’s a compulsion that comes with physical punishment in the form of health problems and withdrawals if you try to stop. This initial period of withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous without proper medical attention, and that’s what detox is for.

Of course, what a drug detox center actually consists of can be a bit of a mystery if you haven’t been there before. Let’s go over some of the more frequently asked questions so that you can understand how pivotal this decision is for your life.

What Are Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs?

Drug addiction detox refers to the method of removing substances from your body while managing withdrawal symptoms. The goal of detox is to get the drugs out of your system as quickly as possible while minimizing the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

Some drug and alcohol detox clinics use a medical approach to drug detox. This involves administering medication that causes the brain and the body not to experience withdrawal symptoms when the substances are stopped. If withdrawal symptoms are experienced, additional medications were given to patients as a way to ease them, or even alleviate them altogether.

This can often cause even more problems for patients in the long term because the medications that are generally used for detoxification carry their own withdrawal risks when they are stopped. It carries a serious risk of simply pushing the addiction impulses to a new drug. To truly treat addiction, it is important to treat the root causes – overcoming the actual impulses themselves, not just soothing them with other drugs.

For that reason, holistic detoxification has become more popular, and this method of alcohol and drug detox utilizes diet and physical fitness as the bulk of the program.

Drug Detox Center in Fort Collins CO

If you’re wondering if there’s something you should do to prepare for detox, the answer is yes. There are some things you can do when you’re preparing for a detox for drugs or a detox for alcohol. Many drug and alcohol detox clinics, both in Fort Collins and around the country, have adopted these things as being vital parts of their holistic detox programs.

  • A full food and nutrition plan
  • Exercise and physical activity
  • Helping you make a true commitment to quit
  • Medical treatment when necessary

So, you’re looking at these things and thinking to yourself, “What is this? Are we talking about drug detox or a health club?”

Fair question. These aren’t things you generally think of in conjunction with detox. But holistic detoxification focuses on making the body itself stronger so that it can naturally process and eliminate the toxic substances circulating your body that compel you to use. This is not only better for your overall health, but can actually speed up the detox process and reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Importance of Hydration at a Drug Detox Center

Using drugs and alcohol causes your body to get dehydrated. That’s one of the reasons why drug and alcohol detox clinics stress the importance of drinking water. When you’re dehydrated, your body experiences heightened withdrawal symptoms. When you’re drinking enough water, it flushes toxins out of your body more efficiently, so this is an essential part of drug detox programs. It’s a simple thing, but it truly is effective and an important part of detoxing.

In addition, addicts tend to exhibit poor dietary habits, opting for junk food over balanced meals, or simply not eating at all. When you’re eating a lot of sugars and fats, it gives your body more bad stuff to filter through while you’re also trying to filter out the toxins from your addiction. Avoiding processed foods that are hard for your body to digest is an important step during the detoxification process. More on this in the next section.

How Does Holistic Alcohol and Drug Detox Work?

First off, let’s cover this, because it’s important to discuss before you even start talking about detox or rehab. Making a true commitment to quitting is the most important part of recovering from your addiction.

However, if you plan to go to detox, it’s important that you do not try to quit cold turkey. It can be dangerous for you to stop using on your own without professional help and supervision. Withdrawal symptoms are dangerous, and frequently create cascading health conditions that can lead to heart attack or stroke. Alcohol addiction, in particular, is one that can be potentially deadly during rehab without the proper medical attention.

Holistic alcohol and drug detox programs will cover the medical needs of detox. They specifically address the inherent bodily needs that are common to those with addiction. Most of the time, these are needs you’re not even aware of. You’ve been “feeding” them impulsively with drugs. You wouldn’t think that water, diet and exercise would be cornerstones of a detox program. But, those are often the most important things to take care of first.

Don’t Feed Your Addiction

When you’re suffering from an addiction, you feed your “hunger” with drugs or alcohol. Even if your body “needs” food or water, you’ll register it as a general need. Of course, feeding hunger with substances is not the response your body wants from you. It can lead to extreme weight loss or even weight gain. Addicts often will substitute junk food for a balanced diet.

A major component of a holistic alcohol and drug detox rehab is nutrition. Many people facing addiction neglect proper nutrition, with the body’s need for substances surpassing the need for nutrition in intensity.

To alleviate this, once of the first things you’ll do in a holistic detox setting is work with a nutritionist. Once you begin giving your body the nutrients it needs, you will find that your withdrawal symptoms decrease substantially. Once your body starts getting the nutrition it needs to work properly, your body’s natural healing factor kicks in and starts processing toxins much more efficiently. That means a drastic reduction in the severity of your withdrawal symptoms.

The same is true of exercise. Sweating is actually one of the best ways to remove toxins from your body. Overall, physical activity and exercise are a major component of holistic detox. Obviously, exercising just makes you healthier in general, regardless of your circumstances. But in this particular situation, sweating out your toxins and making your heart healthier will both greatly improve your overall quality of life during and after your detox.

All of these components are utilized in alcohol and drug detox programs. We also utilize other methods to help you move past your drug withdrawal symptoms as quickly as possible.