Campral treatment is now available if you need medication to help you control your alcohol cravings. When combined with therapy and other treatments, Campral treatment can be effective in helping you achieve your recovery successfully. AspenRidge Recovery offers a Campral treatment program in Fort Collins, CO as a part of our Antabuse treatment center.

If you are looking for additional strategies to end your alcohol addiction, then contact us today. We can assess your addiction and determine if this kind of treatment is right for you.

This therapist is helping her patient, who is sitting in the chair, through Campral treatment.What is Campral?

Campral is the brand name of a drug called Acamprosate, which is designed to reduce your desire to drink alcohol. It is similar to gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), which regulates how excitable your nervous system becomes. By controlling your nervous system, Campral can minimize your cravings.

Campral is a safe drug to take as part of an alcohol addiction treatment program. You take three to four tablets per day. After five to seven days, you should build up a healthy concentration of the drug in your body. You will then start to feel the effects.

Side Effects of Campral

Like any drug, there are potential side effects associated with this kind of treatment, such as:

  • Issues with your digestive system such as nausea or diarrhea
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Inability to sleep
  • Constant sweating

Most of these side effects wear off after you consistently use the drug for two weeks. There are rare cases in which you may experience suicidal thoughts. If so, then consult your Fort Collins, CO addiction therapy program doctor and get off the drug right away.

With that in mind, the drug is relatively safe because it is almost impossible for you to overdose on it. It is also non-addictive, which makes it perfect for battling addiction.

Campral Treatment and Addiction Treatment

Campral medication can be effective as a supplement to a comprehensive treatment plan for alcohol addiction. AspenRidge Recovery in Fort Collins offers multiple treatment plans such as:

Which treatment is right for you? Your AspenRidge Recovery therapist can meet with you to discuss your addiction, answer your questions, and go over your treatment options. They will also perform an assessment to determine if this kind of treatment is right for you. Keep in mind that this kind of treatment will not be your primary or exclusive treatment. It is only a supplement to therapy or other treatment.

Do You Need Campral Treatment?

You do not need this kind of treatment if you have the ability to overcome your cravings on your own. We do not recommend taking the treatment if you do not show any signs of relapse.

However, if you continue to give in to your urges and can’t seem to stop after your initial treatment, then you may want to take Campral medication. Your doctor can make a recommendation based on your level of addiction and your history with alcohol.

Start Your Campral Treatment Program in Fort Collins, CO Today

If you feel as though you may need medication for your addiction, AspenRidge can help you by providing this kind of treatment through our Fort Collins, CO drug detox center, which also provides alcohol detox services. To find out more about the benefits of Campral medication, call us today at (866) 957-6941. We are here to help you overcome substance abuse and live a life free of alcohol.