Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Fort Collins CO

Are you facing both a mental illness and an addiction in your life today? If so, AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins is here for you with our dual diagnosis treatment center in Fort Collins CO. Read on below for more information about dual diagnosis and the benefits of this type of treatment.

What is Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment?

young woman and therapist talking at a dual diagnosis treatment center in fort collins coBefore you begin treatment, it’s important to understand dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders. In fact, many people with an addiction are also struggling with a mental disorder. Which came first is the big question.

Overall, an addiction can lead to the development of a mental illness, but a mental illness can lead to substance abuse as a way of coping of self-medicating the mental problem. Through individual and behavioral therapies, we can discover which came first and how each problem directly influences the other.

These are very important aspects of our dual diagnosis treatment center in Fort Collins CO. Once we bring to light the root causes, we can implement co-occurring disorders treatment that addresses both problems simultaneously.

By treating both issues together, you will have a better chance at total recovery once you leave our facility. This includes relapse prevention and aftercare. For example, if your mental illness has the right treatment, but your addiction is still active, then your mental disorder may return due to further substance abuse. However, if you are now sober, but your mental illness is still a problem, then you may return to using drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism.

As you can see, both issues must be treated simultaneously to ensure you remain sober with a positive mental wellbeing for the future.

Learn More About Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Fort Collins CO

Our Fort Collins dual diagnosis treatment center is here to guide you away from substance abuse. Moreover, we can help you learn positive ways to improve your mental health. Co-occurring disorders treatment can be a life-changing experience that gives you a fresh outlook on your future, without the worries of addiction or mental illness. The goal is to prepare you for the future and help you overcome your current concerns safely. For example, we offer therapies such as:

For more information about our dual diagnosis treatment center in Fort Collins CO, you can reach out to our staff today. For insurance verification, contact AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins at 866-957-6941. We look forward to helping you overcome addiction and any underlying mental illness in your life. With dual diagnosis treatment, you can take back control of your life with a bright future ahead of you.