Recovering From Alcoholism Through a Greeley Alcohol Rehab

a young woman happy and healthy after Greeley alcohol rehabGreeley alcohol rehab is available for anyone who needs to recover from alcoholism. Perhaps you’re an alcoholic, but you aren’t sure where you can turn. It’s also possible that you’re not even sure if you have any of the classic alcoholism symptoms. Either way, there are many ways that you can get the help you need.

There could be so much standing in the way you reaching out for assistance. It could be as simple as you not knowing much about rehabilitation programs for alcohol addiction. We’d like to provide you with the information you need to make the right choice for your alcohol recovery.

Why is Going to an Alcohol Treatment Center in Greeley, CO Necessary?

You may have had loved ones tell you that you needed to get treatment for alcoholism. However, this is confusing for you because you feel that when you’re ready, you’ll just quit drinking. For someone suffering with alcohol dependence, it really just isn’t that easy.

As you have continued to drink, your body has gotten used to drinking regularly. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, drinking causes serious changes in the brain. Experts even believe that once you’re an alcoholic, you have a disease.

Treating a drinking problem is just like treating any other disease. You wouldn’t expect to treat heart disease or diabetes on your own, without professional help. The same can be said for alcoholism. Without going to a rehab center for alcohol addiction, the issue is likely to persist. In fact, many people find that recovering on their own is simply not possible. They need the help of experts to help them be successful.


Perhaps you binge drink on occasion, which is a form of abuse. However, you don’t do it all the time, and you don’t consider yourself to be an alcoholic. You wonder if you should still consider going to a Greeley rehab for alcohol abuse.

The answer is no. If you’re not an alcoholic, and this fact has been verified professionally, you don’t need rehab. Even so, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to get any kind of help at all.

There must be a reason why you feel the need to drink excessively. It’s important for you to figure out why. It may be because you’re suffering from anxiety or depression, and drinking helps you feel better. Many people use drinking as a way to self-medicate. It’s important for you to understand that continuing to drink could eventually lead to an addiction. For many people, it does.

You may want to talk with your doctor about your alcohol abuse habits. They may recommend some type of treatment that can help you stop. Talking with a counselor who specializes in addiction is another option available to you.


When you suffer from alcoholism, it means that most of your life is centered around drinking. This is also referred to as having an alcohol use disorder, or AUD.

Alcoholism is a chronic, relapsing brain disease. It is characterized by compulsive alcohol use. Someone with this condition isn’t able to stop drinking. They lose control whenever they drink, and when they’re not drinking, they don’t feel like themselves.

For someone who is abusing alcohol, quitting isn’t quite as difficult as it is for an alcoholic. Chronic alcoholics need professional treatment to quit. Otherwise, they’re much more likely to relapse than if they had gotten help.

Your Greeley Alcohol Rehab Center Options

There are different rehabilitation centers for alcohol addiction in Greeley, Colorado. Keep in mind that there is no one “right” option that works or is the best for everyone. Each person is unique, with their own set of needs. It’s important for you to find the method that will work the best for you.

However, you should consider the fact that some forms of treatment are required for everyone. This is due to the dangerous nature of alcoholism.


Drug and alcohol detox is very important for many different types of addicts. However, it is especially important for people with alcoholism. Once you go to get help, you’ll find that you’re required to go through detox first. This will allow your body to adjust to no longer drinking.

Detoxification may involve you taking medications to help you through the withdrawal period. Withdrawals can be very hard to deal with, and they can easily make you go back to drinking again. This is the reason people who try to quit drinking on their own struggle so much.

Also, you should know that quitting abruptly without detoxing first can be dangerous. You could suffer through delirium tremens, which is a condition that can be fatal.


For many with alcohol addictions, going to a rehab on an inpatient basis is recommended. This is because the probability of them recovering is very small, otherwise. Inpatient treatment programs are very good, and they provide a high quality of care. There are those that offer 30-day stays, and some that offer long-term treatment for those who need it.

Residential treatment centers are available for anyone who needs long-term care. These facilities are excellent, and they’re also all different. Some offer in-house treatment while others require patients to find outpatient treatment on their own.


It is possible to recover from alcoholism on an outpatient basis. However, you should expect to go through detoxification first. This is usually done an on inpatient basis, which allows staff to monitor you carefully for any complications.

There are different forms of outpatient alcoholism treatment. It may be appropriate for you to see a counselor on a regular basis. Or, you may find that you need a higher level of care, such as an intensive outpatient treatment program.

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) offer you a higher level of care, along with flexibility. If you work or have other outside responsibilities, this would be quite beneficial for you.


Getting help for an addiction shouldn’t mean staying in a sterile, hospital-like setting. For many addicts, this only makes them feel more anxious. You want to be able to relax and luxury alcohol rehab centers can help you do that.

These facilities offer home-like settings that put you right at ease. You’ll feel comfortable from the moment you walk through the door. You’ll also have access to the best possible alcohol treatment available.

How Much Does it Cost to go to Rehab for Alcoholism?

The cost of rehab may be a major concern for you if you’re an alcoholic. The price of treatment varies, depending on what your needs are. You may find that you need inpatient care, and if you do, it will cost more. Outpatient programs are definitely much more affordable for most people.

In an inpatient setting, along with detox, it could cost you $10,000 or more. Fortunately, if you have health insurance, they will help to cover much of the costs. You’ll want to have your insurance verified so that you get the right information about any co-pays.


If you don’t have insurance, you don’t have to lose hope. You can still get treated for your alcoholism problem. According to SAMHSA, they give out grants every year to addiction treatment facilities for this purpose. These grants aim to help people get help with their addictions when they can’t afford it. You may also want to apply for health insurance through the Healthcare Marketplace.


If you’re not quite ready to enter into rehab yet, there are other options. You may want to consider finding a free clinic in Greeley that treats alcoholism. You could also begin attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

AA has been around for many decades. For a lot of people, it is the reason why they were able to quit drinking successfully. You don’t have to pay anything to be a member. The only requirement is that you have a desire to stop drinking.

Local Alcohol Rehab Centers in Greeley, Colorado are Available to Help You Recover

You may be wondering, how can I find an inpatient or outpatient alcohol rehab near me?. If you are, here at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, we want you to know that we’re here to assist you.

It takes so much courage to admit you have a problem with alcoholism. Some people are never able to admit this, and they continue drinking their entire lives. Others may admit it, and then attempt to stop drinking on their own. You’ll find that alcohol is a powerful drug. It’s one that will continually call you back until you’re ready to make the decision to give it up for good.

You may be someone who needs a mix of inpatient and outpatient treatment. If that’s the case, our addiction rehab program may be just what you are looking for. It combines sober living with intensive outpatient treatment. You won’t find any sterile hospital environments within our facility. What you will find are caring staff members who want to help you reach your goal of sobriety.

You don’t have to continue in active alcoholism for the rest of your life. It is possible for you to recover. You can turn your back on that “old life” and move toward the promise of something amazing.

How can we answer your questions about Greeley alcohol rehab? We’re here to assist you with anything you might need. Please contact us today by calling (866) 957-6941.


Our admissions coordinators are here to help you get started with treatment the right way. They’ll verify your health insurance, help set up travel arrangements, and make sure your transition into treatment is smooth and hassle-free.