A study carried out in 2014 showed that 40% of young adults and teenagers spend a significant amount of free time on the internet each day. Additionally, a majority of people spend hours on social media sites. This causes disruptions in their mental and physical health, sleeping patterns, and work or school assignments. The research implied that social media addiction is so active that it has the same effect in the brain as alcohol addiction. Interacting through social media affects our brain’s reward system. Excessive social media use leads to adverse effects. Social media addiction treatment, at an internet addiction treatment center in Fort Collins, CO, focuses on assisting each individual in adopting healthier strategies of using social media.  

Signs That You are Addicted to Social Media 

teen ignores her mother to use her phone which is a sign that she needs social media addiction treatmentIn teenagers, social media addiction has led to bullying, increased anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, it leads to false perceptions about the reality displayed online. This creates jealousy and other negative emotions.

Additionally, someone who is experiencing an addiction to social media may feel sad if they cannot access their phone to get onto social media. Likewise, they may make food specifically to take pictures to share on social media. Or they may constantly share everything that they do on social media.

In short, sharing every aspect of your life online every time is not healthy. It adversely affects your mental wellbeing. If you find yourself sharing what is happening in your life every minute of the day, you should consider seeking social media addiction treatment.

Lastly, they could feel unhappy and consistently compare themselves to everyone else on social media. If you keep comparing your life with others on social media and becoming sad, that indicates social media addiction. You should seek help.

How Can Social Media Addiction Treatment Help?

The first step to curing an obsession with social media begins with seeking treatment. Addiction that is related to repeated behaviors is commonly referred to as a process addiction. These can include internet, social media, gambling, and sex addictions.

Process addiction treatment at a social media addiction treatment center in Fort Collins, CO has comprehensive care to understand and deal with negative emotions and unhealthy behavior. Experiencing the thrill of a “like” or other interaction causes your brain to release endorphins, which cause you to be happy. Over time, your brain begins to relate the endorphins to social media, and crave these interactions. Therapy can help you understand this relationship. Then, you can work on coping strategies that help you use social media in a more healthy manner.

During your time there, you may partake in the following therapies:

Additionally, at AspenRidge Fort Collins, we also offer family counseling. Thus, we can help the patient develop habits that lead to moderate and controlled use of social media. We also address co-occurring disorders which can intertwine with social media addiction, such as eating disorders.

Are You Ready for Help?

The first step to treating social media addiction is accepting that one is addicted to social media and no longer in denial. Then the patient must schedule when to use social media in a controlled way. This ensures that they regulate the amount of time spent on social media. Adapting a digital diet assists in overcoming social media addiction.

Other ways of communicating are then developed, which helps the patient in reducing the urge to want to use social media excessively to communicate. Guidance helps the patient build relationships offline and avoid relying on social media to feel connected to others.

If you or your loved one is suffering from social media addiction, contact us today at (866) 957-6941. Our therapists for social media addiction treatment will take you through our comprehensive social media treatment to help you recover and help you with the insurance process.