Do you have an addiction to gambling, gaming, or sex? Possibly an addiction to shopping, social media, or the internet? If so, our process addiction treatment program at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins can help you. These process addictions commonly present with other issues as well, such as substance abuse or mental illness.


What Does A Process Addiction Treatment Program Entail?

individual leaving a process addiction treatment program

When you enter our process addiction treatment program, it’s important to understand the process ahead of you. At first, we will undergo an original assessment to learn more about your problem. This will help us develop the therapy plan that you deserve and give you the best chance at recovery.

For example, our therapies include:

The two key components here are neurofeedback therapy and life skills training. These two therapies can combine to help you get over your process addiction successfully. Moreover, you can learn new life skills that are more productive.

With neurofeedback therapy, we can get real-time feedback on your brain function. Therefore, we can self-regulate your functioning and help you understand why you feel the way you do. These emotions and behaviors influence your process addiction. By making changes in real time with results you can see, you will feel more confident to go about your life in a more positive manner.


Process Addictions and Mental Illness

In some cases, a process addiction is fueled by a mental illness, such as anxiety or depression. Many people use their addiction as a way to cope with their mental health problem. If this is the case in your life, we will provide mental health therapy. This therapeutic options can be the most impactful part of your recovery. In both individual and group settings, therapy can help you build connections, reflect, and make adjustments to your program. Our counselors will work with you each day to make sure you stay on track and continuously grow in the right direction. Your safety and growth is their main concern at all times. Therefore, they will keep your best interests in mind as you navigate your way through rehabilitation.

With individual counseling and group meetings, you can learn more about your mental health and develop more awareness. This will, in turn, teach you new ways to redirect this anxiety or depression in a positive manner. At first, you have turned to your process addiction, but now you can make better decisions that promote your overall wellness.


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