Fentanyl, a synthetic pharmaceutical, is an opioid pain reliever. Fentanyl is rarely prescribed but illegally made or imported fentanyl has made its way on to the streets and made an impact in communities across the country. The drug is particularly dangerous when it is added to other opioid drugs to increase potency. Fentanyl addiction treatment offers comprehensive assistance in overcoming the effects of the drug and recovering from its abuse.

Treatments Offered at a Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Program 

man goes through therapy during fentanyl addiction treatmentIn short, Fentanyl affects the central nervous system by causing excessive production of dopamine. Over time, this alters the brain’s reward functions. During continued use of the drug, the individual becomes dependent. Changes in the brain, as well as other physical changes from the drug, create powerful and complex withdrawal symptoms any time you stop. Professional addiction treatment provides comprehensive care to get you clean and help you learn to live drug-free.

At AspenRidge Recovery, our Fentanyl addiction treatment program in Fort Collins, CO provides integrated treatment to help you overcome fentanyl addiction. Because many people do not start with Fentanyl, treatment is similar to proven programs used at prescription opioid or heroin addiction treatment centers in Fort Collins, CO. Treatment not only enables you to recover from addiction but helps you to overcome any co-occurring mental illness and start building towards a more positive future.

How Treatment Works

At AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, we first carry out a psychological and medical evaluation to determine the best treatment to provide for you. We want to make sure that the treatment suits your situation and needs, and offers a comfortable experience. When you are in active addiction, we can refer you to a medical detox program. This ensures you get through opioid withdrawal as safely and comfortably as possible.

If needed, we offer medication to assist you in controlling withdrawal effects. These can include:

After going through the process, you’d then begin a treatment program built around evidence-based therapies that target the roots of your addiction. Our addiction rehab center in Fort Collins, CO provides a serene environment that connects with nature and aids in the addiction treatment.

Fentanyl Addiction Therapies

Therapists at our Fentanyl addiction treatment center apply various techniques to help you further recover from fentanyl addiction. Evidence-based addiction therapies assist you in changing your thoughts and maladaptive behaviors. You get to learn how to improve your negative perceptions leading to fentanyl addiction and adopt new positive behavior that leads you to recovery.

Individual therapy sessions provide one-on-one support from your therapist. Examining your past history and related trauma in an intimate setting helps you understand the role they play in your addiction. Group therapy provides peer support. There, you can share experiences and emotions with others going through the same thing as you.  Family therapy allows you to involve your loved ones on your recovery. The effects of addiction can reach every member of your family. Therefore, involving them directly in treatment helps you repair your relationships and start healing.

Holistic addiction therapies support traditional talk therapy. For example, these can include yoga or meditation sessions that help you understand and utilize mindfulness in your recovery. Treating your whole system holistically means healing your, mind, body, and spirit. Additionally, nutritional therapy and life skills training help you prepare to return to your normal routine and responsibilities. With guidance for your physical, mental, and emotional health, our treatment will help you make a complete recovery.

How AspenRidge Fort Collins Can Help

In short, our Fentanyl addiction treatment program is here to help you. We’ll assist you with insurance verification and ensure you get an excellent service to overcome your fentanyl addiction. Contact AspenRidge Fort Collins today at (866) 957-6941. We’re here to put you on the path to recovery!