AspenRidge Fort Collins is pleased to provide in-depth and up to date information about common drugs and alcohol that are often associated with addiction. With an effective drug addiction treatment program, you can find sobriety and maintain it throughout the future. In fact, our drug addiction rehab center is here to guide you in a safe, supportive environment.

What is Rehab Like In General?

Specifically, the rehab experience will be different for each and every individual. This will all depend on the severity of your problem and preparation. For example, if you went to detox first, you will have already overcome withdrawal. You can completely focus on your recovery without any difficult symptoms in your way. Furthermore, the transition from detox to rehab gives you a head start. Many people begin their therapy and treatment during the detox process and continue this process in rehab.

However, some people won’t require a full residential program. With an outpatient program, you can return home each night after treatment. Your daily schedule of care will include the same modalities in which individuals receive during inpatient care.Therefore, you get the same treatment, but can sleep in your own bed each night. This gives you the flexibility to tend to your personal and professional needs overall. Read on below to learn more about the specific types of treatment programs we offer at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins.


  • Overall drug addiction treatment program at our drug addiction rehab centerPrescription Drug Addiction
  • Benzodiazepine Addiction
  • Klonopin Addiction
  • Oxycodone Addiction
  • Percocet Addiction
  • Vicodin Addiction


  • Buprenorphine Addiction
  • Dilaudid Addiction


Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Colorado

Are you in need of a professional drug addiction treatment program in Colorado? If so, AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins is here for you. We provide a wide range of addiction therapy programs and modalities. However, it’s important that you first recognize you have a problem. Next, we can begin to promote real change overall in your life. This commitment to recovery can make all the difference in your rehab experience.

Our drug addiction rehab center will provide you with the coping skills and relapse prevention techniques you need in recovery. Moreover, your treatment plan will be specific to your individual needs. This is the case for everyone, no matter which substance you are currently struggling with.

Therefore, we can address your unique experience with addiction and make any necessary changes to your treatment along the way. At certain points, you may recognize issues or concerns that need addressing. As a result, our counselors will make adjustments to your therapy and treatment regimen.

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