Codeine is a powerful substance doctors prescribe in one form or another for the treatment of moderate to severe pain issues. The substance is also a common ingredient one would find in some cough syrups to help suppress coughs. Regardless of it’s intended use, it’s a favorite target of people who are into abusing opiate painkillers. Unfortunately, the substance is highly addictive and dangerous if someone abuses it over a long period of time. When that insanity hits, a codeine addiction treatment program is the addiction sufferer’s only way back to sanity.

A Codeine Addiction Treatment Program – The Beginning

In most rehabs, including our codeine rehab center CO location, the treatment process starts with the intake interview. While the incoming client might not be in the mood for an interview, the information the intake representative collects is important. This is the information a clinician is going to use to determine the best course of treatment for the client. What happens in any codeine addiction treatment program depends a lot on this interview process.

In all likelihood, the client will like need to go through a drug detox program. As part of our codeine addiction treatment Fort Collin CO program, we would refer out for that. The client will spend whatever time is necessary in detox to help them clear some potential troubling withdrawal symptoms. We are talking about symptoms like:

  • Inability to concentrate and function properly
  • Severe stomach cramping
  • Problems with nausea and vomiting
  • Problems with respiration
  • Heart rate and blood pressure issuesdoctor tells woman about a codeine addiction treatment program
  • Tremors, convulsions and hallucinations
  • Depression and anxiety

While it’s preferable the client go through withdrawal as naturally as possible, it doesn’t often turn out that way. There are times when the client starts experiencing pain and discomfort issues. That’s the last thing the detox program staffers want to happen. In such cases, a doctor will be standing by to prescribe relief if necessary. The objective is to get the client ready for the therapy portion of treatment.

A Codeine Addiction Treatment Program – Therapy and Aftercare

Once the client reaches the therapy portion of treatment, things get serious. This is the time when the client needs to open up and be honest about themselves. With good honest information, a therapist is going to be able to customize the most appropriate treatment plan.

The treatment process will be most effective if the therapist and client can dig out the causes of the addiction. In all likelihood, this has been the source of great personal pain for the client for a long time. That pain is usually the driving force behind the client’s need to medicate. In our codeine rehab center CO location, dealing with the client’s personal pain is crucial. It’s crucial to helping our codeine addiction treatment Fort Collin CO therapists find the best solutions for the client. The coping skills a client learns will be their defense against any future triggers and temptations.

After the client leaves rehab, a good codeine addiction treatment program will make sure the client leaves with ongoing support. That could include access to 12-step meetings, sober living and addiction outpatient counseling.

AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins – Fighting the Good Fight

While our painkiller addiction treatment center Fort Collins, CO option is prominent, there’s much more that we offer. We treat most any substance addiction issue with a wide range of modern treatment services. From instance verification all the way through aftercare, we help clients fight the good fight. Here’s a partial list of our services:

There’s no point in letting codeine addiction destroy your life. You can stop the madness by checking into our codeine addiction treatment program. You can start the recovery process by picking up the phone and contacting AspenRidge Recovery at 866.957.6941. From there, we will make it our mission to set you firmly on the road to a lasting recovery.