A sleeping pill addiction is more common than you might imagine. In fact, you might be struggling with it right now. Would you know what to do about it? AspenRidge Recovery offers the Ambien addiction treatment program that could change your life.

Understanding the Lure of Sleeping Pills

Ambien has hypnotic properties. Therefore, it’s easy to overdose and get a buzz going. AspenRidge Recovery is the sleeping pill rehab center CO trusts because there’s no judgment. You don’t have to explain how you got to this point.

Rather, therapists have an interest in helping you move forward with an effective Ambien addiction treatment program. Because the specialists know how tempting the drugs are, they focus their care approaches on behavioral counseling. However, they also use contemporary techniques. Case in point is neurofeedback.

Using Neurofeedback in an Ambien Addiction Treatment Program

As the Ambien addiction treatment program Fort Collins, CO counts on, AspenRidge Recovery focuses on modern techniques. Neurofeedback is one such modality. It targets the brain’s ability to make changes. With the help of EEG technology, you see your mind working.

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The treatment itself is entirely non-invasive. It involves electrodes that go on your head. You provide the stimuli through digital participation in a game. However, this isn’t an ordinary game.

Instead, it’s a series of impulses that strengthen specific brain waives while weakening others. For example, a game might activate your reward center, which keeps you going. In the process, you improve your brain’s ability to make specific changes. One of them is dealing with negative thought patterns.

How Negative Thoughts Factor into Ambien Abuse

At the Ambien rehab center CO residents call for assistance, therapists know that trauma can be a root trigger. You might have a set of negative thought patterns that cause you to crave the hypnotic properties of the drug. Therefore, you keep using and numbing yourself. Frequently, traumatic experiences from the past create these thoughts.

There are also unwelcome emotions that threaten to overtake you. You wish you could get rid of them. Therefore, our Ambien addiction treatment program introduces you to dialectical behavior therapy. It’s a treatment that empowers you to manage intense feelings.

You can’t shut them off. However, you do have the power to manage them. Most importantly, you can do so even though situations might not change. That’s part of the reason why dialectical behavior treatment is so effective.

Mindfulness Training Teaches Relaxation Techniques

Another reason why many people abuse sleeping pills is an inability to cope with stress. You don’t know how to shut it off. Similarly, you can’t get to sleep because the pressure keeps you awake.

Mindfulness training is a holistic approach at the Ambien addiction treatment program Fort Collins CO locals attend. You begin by learning breathing exercises that relax your body. It’s possible to do so on demand. With the help of a therapist, you practice guided meditation.

This process enables you to relax your mind as well. It’s an essential step for reaching true mindfulness. In this setting, you relax both mind and body. You evaluate thoughts and feelings as they present themselves.

Even though the stressors may attack you, you don’t have to let them overwhelm you. After evaluating different situations, you develop a solution for them.

Other Evidence-Based Ambien Addiction Treatment Program Approaches

In addition to these care options, therapists also use other evidence-based approaches. The goal is to create a comprehensive care protocol that helps you heal. Examples include:

It’s time to heal from your sleeping pill addiction. The Ambien addiction treatment program is your best chance at making a clean break with the pills. Contact AspenRidge Recovery to find out how to enroll. In fact, when you dial 866.957.6941 now, intake specialists can run an insurance verification!