When you suffer trauma, your life changes in many ways. Some of the symptoms of trauma lead people to self-medicate using alcohol or drugs. Other people suffer mental health problems like depression, anxiety or PTSD. This is why trauma informed care [sic] plays a major role in recovery from addiction and mental health disorders when trauma forms the roots of those conditions.

Trauma Informed Care ModelWhat is trauma informed care in general

Trauma informed care at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins helps people who have lived through traumatic events and trauma-related stress. For this treatment to bring recovery after your substance abuse or mental health problems, you need counselors and therapists who understand your trauma.

Simply ignoring the effects of your difficult life experiences generally leads to relapse. But by treating you in the way you need to gain treatment, you face real potential for a happier, healthier and sober life.

What Trauma Treatment Includes

Trauma therapy approaches of AspenRidge Recovery use the science of your brain to enable healing from your symptoms. These methods also help you avoid additional trauma during treatment.

Foremost in this treatment is consideration of how your brain acts through its fight-or-flight responses. Therapy helps you learn ways to calm your overstimulated brain, thus helping you improve your physical and mental well-being.

This focused care includes a trauma therapy program in particular, as well as a wide range of other therapy services. Some of the most common methods of treating trauma in trauma informed care include:

All in all, your trauma treatment program at AspenRidge Recovery focuses on three important concepts. These concepts include promotion of understanding of your symptoms. They also include reducing your risk of new trauma during treatment and helping you maintain the support you need in treatment and beyond.

Programs Designed to Help You Heal from Trauma and Its Effects

To meet the above three goals of understanding symptoms, protecting you from new trauma and building your support network, AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins offers multiple levels of care. Moreover, these levels of care can suit your individual needs through the right treatment focus at the right time.

For example, levels of trauma informed care at AspenRidge Fort Collins include:

Determination of which programs suit your needs best starts with admissions consultation and insurance verification. Caring professionals at AspenRidge Recovery assess your needs and help you understand what your insurance policy covers for treatment.

Your AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins treatment takes place among the breathtaking scenery of the Rocky Mountains. Whether you come from another state for treatment or live near AspenRidge Recovery, you can appreciate Colorado’s fresh air and natural bounty while focusing on your big life changes.

Start Your Trauma Informed Care at AspenRidge Recovery

You deserve a treatment that considers your individual needs and helps you heal from past trauma. You also deserve the support gained through a caring network of peers and professionals. Through this complete care, you gain a real chance of lasting sobriety.

To learn more about trauma informed care at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, contact AspenRidge at 8669576941. Now is the time to put your symptoms of trauma, addiction and mental health problems behind you. Make this important call to start building the future you want.