20 Prescription Drug Addiction Quiz: Are You an Addict in Need of Treatment?

Do you have a prescription drug addiction? If you think you might, our prescription drug addiction quiz can help you. It's important for you to know the answer to this question if you are currently abusing painkillers.

You might think it's strange that you aren't sure, but this is really quite common. Many people are confused about what addiction is. Likewise, most addicts feel in control of their drug use. They eventually realize they're not.

For this quiz, be honest as you answer all of the questions. If your answer is yes, check the box next to the question. If your answer is no, leave the box blank. At the end, you'll find a place to enter your email address. Enter it into the box and then click the Submit button to get your results.

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Why Should You be Concerned About Having a Prescription Drug Addiction?

The issue isn't only with prescription drugs, although these drugs are very dangerous when they're misused. If you continue to abuse them, you may eventually turn to heroin. This is quite typical of people who develop this type of addiction.

The chemical structure of heroin is very similar to other opioid drugs. Heroin is also much cheaper, and many people say that it's a lot easier for them to obtain as well. All of these factors can combine to create a recipe for an eventual heroin addiction. This is definitely something you want to avoid.

Prescription drugs can ruin your life if you misuse them. If you're an addict, getting the help you need should be your highest priority.

Painkiller Rehab is the Best Choice for Your Recovery

What were your results on our prescription drug addiction quiz? Did you learn that you might be addicted to them? If you did, it's so important for you to stop using them right away. We want to caution you against stopping them abruptly. People often think that they can do this because their doctor feels that the medications are safe. This may be true, but they're only safe in normal doses, and for short periods of time.

If you stop your medications cold turkey, you run the risk of suffering from a relapse, and then an overdose. You want to avoid this scenario, because overdosing on painkillers can be fatal. You really need professional help, which is only available by going to a prescription drug rehab facility.

At AspenRidge Fort Collins, we want you to know that we're here for you. We know you may be feeling nervous about the thought of going to rehab. It's a new concept for you, and it's something you never thought you would have to do. With our guidance, you can find the type of help that's best for you and your individual circumstances.

Do you have questions about prescription drug addiction or rehab? Please contact us for help.