20 Question Quiz: Am I Addicted To Drugs?

Each question has a yes or no answer. If you answer yes, mark a tick next to the question. If you answer no, leave it blank. At the end of the quiz, tally up the number of ticks and use the number to determine your results.

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More Information

Drug addiction is one of the most difficult things a person can face. Not only do drug addicts themselves deal with stress and difficulty - their family and friends must often deal with similar problems. For both drug addicts and their loved ones, the entire ordeal of addiction is extremely stressful.

One of the most difficult things to deal with during a drug addiction is also the first step towards recovery: admitting that that there is a problem.  Fortunately, this quiz is here to help you identify whether or not there's a problem and see how serious it is. You can use this to quiz yourself, or answer the questions from the perspective of one of your loved ones.