Treatment at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins

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When individuals struggle with addiction, it’s immperative they find the ideal treatment center. Without this help, the achieving recovery will feel impossible. Learning about AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins will help clients determine if our facility is where they need to be. Learn how our therapy services can help your dreams of recovery become a reality. You also learn how we offer the full continuum of care clients need for sucess.

About AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins

Treatment at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins is a 90-day recovery program. During this time we aim to treat every aspect of addiction, from the physical effects to the emotional root causes. We even provide family counseling.
Our highly-qualified staff is trained to make your recovery effective and individually tailored to your needs, and our activity-rich facility will ensure your stay is both helpful and fun.

Everyone at AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins is on an individually tailored 12-step program, which we combine with group therapy and a number of other empirically-proven treatment methods. We hold daily 12-Step meetings, and provide 30 hours of therapy per week, in addition to the multiple amenities and organized activities arranged for our patients.

Your treatment may or may not begin with a detox treatment. AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins does not handle detox treatment in-house, but we will refer patients to a detox facility in the area as part of our treatment when necessary. In fact, our facility in Lakewood can meet your detox needs. In any case, our staff will work with you to ensure you overcome withdrawal safely and successfully before rehab.

Our alumni program helps clients remain accountable for their recovery. We understand that recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. This program allows clients to stay in touch with their peers and stay on top of their recovery. Through yearly events and weekly AA meetings, clients continue to receive the support they need.

Begin Treatment Today

As you learn about AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, you learn about our trained addiction treatment staff. Our team is not only knowledgable, but they’re passionate as well about helping clients recover. Having a skilled team implement our therapies and programs, clients can rest easy knowing they’re in good hands at our facility.

If you have specific questions about AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins and our treatment methods, read up on the latest information at our blog. You can also contact AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins today at (866) 957-6941 to speak with a team member. We also provide an online form to help with insurance verification. If you think we can help you reach your goals of recovery, don’t waste time reaching out. Let us help you find the hope within. 

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